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Free Calendar Service for Blog & Website Content

Embed these calendar widgets directly into your blog and websites. You can customize the widget templates as per your requirement using the customizing tool below. Specify a country for displaying holidays as tool tip text. You can use any of the available images or can use your own image also. If you are using your own image, then resize it into 180 X 370 pixels and specify the image url. currently image properties are not applied to small square calendar. If you have any specific needs or suggestions on this tool, please send us your feedback.

Copy the widget code as is and do not modify or delete any part of it. Please send an email to with your blog / site web address to receive any update for this service.


Customize Calendar

Configure Holidays  
Configure Calendar  
 Week Starts From:  

Pick Color

 Foreground: Pick Color  
  Transparency: % (1-99)  
   Calendar Border:  
  Border Color: Pick Color  
  Font Face:  
  Header (Month) Color: Pick Color  
  Header (Day) Color: Pick Color  
 Calendar Position:  
Configure Background Image  

Select from available images or specify URL of your own image. Specify any image with size 180 X 370 pixels. Image properties are not applied to small calendar.


Use available Image:


Use Own Image:   URL:

  Image Border:  
 Border Color: Pick Color  

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