National Anthem Day (Romania)

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Quick Facts : National Anthem Day (Romania)

Date: Jul 29, 2014 Type: National Also Called: Ziua Imnului national

National Anthem Day (Romania)

Image Courtesy: CIA World Factbook

National Anthem Day is the National holiday of Romania celebrated on 29th of July. People celebrate this day as the Unity of the Romanian Revolution in 1848.

Romania's national anthem was composed by Andrei Mure?anu during the 1848 revolution. This song was immediately accepted as the revolutionary anthem as it contains the message of liberty and patriotism. It has eleven verses and has been sung during all major Romanian conflicts.

On National Anthem Day the full version of the Anthem is sang accompanied by 21 gun shots in the presence the President. On this Day the President and other political leaders appear at the public events and discuss about the nation's heritage, laws, history, people, about recent events and future projects.

National Anthem Day is considered as a Public Day with lots of educational and cultural programs, musical concerts and parades.

Romanian people proudly fly their Flag, sing the National Anthem and enjoy the day with their friends and families.


National Anthem Day (Romania) Observances

Day Year Date Holiday Name
Tue2008Jul 29National Anthem Day
Wed2009Jul 29National Anthem Day
Thu2010Jul 29National Anthem Day
Fri2011Jul 29National Anthem Day
Sun2012Jul 29National Anthem Day
Mon2013Jul 29National Anthem Day
Tue2014Jul 29National Anthem Day

Romania holidays celebrated in year 2014

Day Year Date Holiday Name
Wed2014Jan 01New Year's Day
Sun2014Apr 20Orthodox Easter Day
Mon2014Apr 21Orthodox Easter Monday
Thu2014May 01Labor Day
Thu2014May 29Ascension Day
Sun2014Jun 08Orthodox Whit Sunday
Mon2014Jun 09Orthodox Whit Monday
Thu2014Jun 26Flag Day
Tue2014Jul 29National Anthem Day
Fri2014Aug 15The Assumption of Mary
Sun2014Nov 30Saint Andrew's Day
Mon2014Dec 01National Day
Thu2014Dec 25Christmas Day
Fri2014Dec 26Boxing Day
Wed2014Dec 31New Year's Eve
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